A History of Healing

  • It began as a dream.

    While he admittedly should've been listening to Don Finto's sermon, Dr. David Gregory passes a note to Donna Finto-Burks. The note reflects his dream for a faith-based, volunteer-supported clinic that would provide affordable, high-quality health care to Nashville's most medically vulnerable. Belmont Mission Pastor and physician’s assistant Mick Antanaitis shares in this dream.

    - 1988

  • Origin of a Name

    They name it "Siloam," referring to the pool of Siloam, where Jesus sent the man born-blind in order to restore his site. On July 11, Mick Antanaitis signs the Charter for Siloam Family Health Center.

    1989 -

  • Opening of the Clinic

    Councilman Douglas Mansfield helps secure a zoning variance to combine two small apartments into a 1,000 sq.-ft. clinic. With seed money from Belmont Church, Siloam Clinic opens at 1423 12th Ave South, and Dr. David Gregory begins seeing patients for two hours on Saturday mornings. Patients are asked to contribute $2 per visit.

    - 1991

  • The First Part-Time Employee

    March minutes reflect that “a full load of clients is being seen – White, African-American, Vietnamese and Kurds." The clinic hires its first part-time employee to supplement 17 medical volunteers and three non-medical volunteers.

    1994 -

  • $9 per Family of Four

    Siloam's volunteer team now includes several translators. August minutes indicate an increase in patient fees from $2 to $3, or $9 per family of four or more. Patient encounters for 1996: 710 established, 240 new.

    - 1996

  • Connecting with the Medical Community

    13 physicians are now actively volunteering at the clinic. Siloam is now listed in the Vanderbilt University Medical School catalog as an elective for first and second year medical students.

    1997 -

  • Expanded Hours

    Siloam opens its doors for the first time during the day, adding 26 hours to the existing schedule for a total of 32 hours per week. The $3 fee is increased to $5 with total charge (including labs) to be no more than $10. Dr. Brevard Haynes is elected chairman of the board. Dr. David Gregory has filled this position since 1998 and is honored in October for his ten years of service to Siloam.

    - 1999

  • Nashville's Best-Kept Secret

    Siloam is featured on the front page of The Tennessean, and staff writer Bill Snyder refers to Siloam as one of Nashville’s best-kept secrets. An additional apartment is rented for administrative staff, and a phone system is added. Dr. Morgan Wills begins practicing at Siloam, and patient count nears 3,000.

    2000 -

  • An Anonymous Gift

    A $25,000 anonymous gift is given as seed money for a new building. Siloam's requirement for board and staff members to sign a "statement of faith" becomes a potential issue when the director of Tennessee’s Refugee Services asks Siloam to submit a bid to be the statewide contractor for refugee health screenings. Anticipating exponential growth, the search for a new location begins.

    - 2001

  • What Could You Do With $1.5M?

    A minor legal amendment allows Siloam to keep its employee statement of faith, while still applying to be statewide contractor for refugee health screenings. HCA donates $1.5 million to assure that Siloam's future growth can be sustained. A fourth apartment is added to the clinic, and discussions about a new location continue.

    2003 -

  • A New Location

    After an exhaustive search, a contract is submitted on land on Gale Lane near the Melrose Kroger Shopping Center. After amending the contract to include an additional .24 acre, a November 11th closing is scheduled.

    - 2004

  • Core Values, Completed Construction

    Construction is completed on time and under budget. The original building estimate was $1,928,873. The actual cost was $1,801,967. Building, furniture, fixtures, and equipment total $2,650,737. Dr. Jim Henderson accepts the position of Medical Director. Mick Antanaitis and Dr. Morgan Wills prepare a list of core values.

    2005 -

  • New Board Chair, New X-Ray Machine

    Charlie Bryan is elected as new Board Chair replacing Dr. Brevard Haynes who had served during critical periods of growth for Siloam. In July, HCA Foundation grants $100,000 for X-ray equipment, which will complete the building.

    - 2007

  • Awards, Awards

    Siloam is selected as one of two local Bank of America Neighborhood Builders award recipients ($200,000 award over two years). In October, Siloam ties with Alive Hospice for first-ever Baptist Healing Trust Healing Charity Award presented at the annual Salute to Excellence.

    2008 -

  • A New CEO

    After several years of medical service, Dr. Morgan Wills transitions to CEO of Siloam.

    - 2013

  • Community Health Outreach

    Siloam launches Community Health Outreach, a collaborative support network targeting four communities - Bhutanese, Burmese, Egyptian, and Hispanic - using ethnic churches as bases.

    2014 -

  • 25th Anniversary

    Siloam celebrates by holding its 25th Anniversary Gala at the Omni Hotel.

    - 2016