Health care transformedby love

Health CareTransformedby love

An important message from our CEO about the Executive Orders concerning refugees

Siloam Health

is a whole-person health care ministry.


    Who we serve

    We serve Nashville’s most medically vulnerable. In 2016 our primary demographic are those without access to healthcare.


    Our Mission

    Our mission is to share the love of Christ by serving those in need through health care.


    Our Vision

    We see whole-person health care ministry among the poor as a catalyst for the flourishing of a whole, new Nashville.

Donate your Birthday!

Coming March, 2017.

  • Start a campaign, set a goal, and tell all of your friends.
  • Friends donate to Siloam in honor of your birthday.
  • Your campaign helps us to provide whole-person health care to Nashville's most medically vulnerable.

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A Note from Morgan

God’s love welcomes. It listens. It cares. It makes whole.

At Siloam Family Health Center, loving health care also means excellent health care. Our highly-qualified staff and volunteers have cared for under-served, culturally-marginalized patients in our city for 25 years.

And Nashville is a better community for it.

We can only do it with God’s help - and yours, whether you are a prospective patient, donor, volunteer, or student. Working together, I am confident we will see the flourishing of a beautiful, “New Nashville!”

- Morgan Wills, M.D.
President & CEO